How to Strengthen Your Position

As company’s look for economies of scale, and the need to justify each and every head count is at an all time high, increasing your value and strengthening your position within your company is paramount in order to stay employed. This blog will focus on some simple measures which you can use to solidify your position even as cut-backs occur within.

Even the very best employees can apply themselves even more than they have in the past. By doing these things you will set yourself up for short-term stability and long term growth.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

David Lammert

* Set some quantifiable goals and objectives for yourself. Research what your company’s current goals and objectives are and make sure that your personal goals compliment these.
* Be proactive – don’t wait for your boss to point out deficiencies during your review.
* Start each and every task with a goal to be part of the solution, not merely a manager of the problem at hand.
* Try to identify cost cutting measures before you are asked to do so. Look to your own position for ways that you might be able to limit expenditures.
* Work at becoming even better at what you do best, rather than only looking at the items that need improvement.
* Take as many relevant training courses as you can. Many courses are offered online with little or no cost.
* Become the expert at something – try to make yourself indispensable in this area.
If you’re currently succeeding at all facets of your job, volunteer to take on more responsibility, without additional pay.
* Sign up for every committee and focus group that you encounter and are eligible for on the job. Participate and be prepared to contribute at each and every meeting.
* Network within your own company – who you know is sometimes as important as what you know.
* Do not get involved in office politics or rumors. Keep your ears open, but your thoughts on individuals to yourself.
* Leave personal problems at home. Come to work ready to do just that.
* Develop good relations with your boss and make every effort to assist him or her with the challenges at hand. Even if you don’t agree with every decision, make sure your supervisor receives honest feedback that concludes with words of encouragement.
* Don’t be high maintenance. Keep your complaints to a minimum.
* Show up. Try not to plan lengthy vacations, take multiple personal days or duck out of the office early. The less you are visible, the less you will be perceived as being necessary.
* Stop all personal emails from coming to your work email address. You never know what someone might send to you that could be flagged by IT. This is a list you want to stay off of at all costs.
* On a bad day at work, try using the mantra “I’m just glad to have a job”.

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