How to Maintain your Edge with Personal Development

In today’s environment, more than ever, knowledge is power. With corporations looking to be as lean and mean as possible, now is a great time to consider alternate ways to keep your edge and maintain your value (in addition to doing your job well of course).

What is personal development? According to Wikipedia, “Personal Development refers to activities that enhance self-knowledge and identity, develop talents and potential, improve human capital and employability, enhance quality of life and realize dreams and aspirations”. Simply put, personal development is a desire and effort to continually update your skill set to remain marketable, and also can assist you in being prepared for the next step within your career path.

There certainly are plenty of ways to formally approach this goal and aspiration (advanced degrees, formal seminars and training sessions); but who has much time or money to spend? There are other ways to easily and affordably work on improving your skills as well as your resume and marketability all at once.

Below are two of our favorite sources for general training (focused on management, sales, and other general business practices). We encourage you to search for other sources that are specific for your discipline: try typing your area of interest in regards to training + the word “webinar” into Google and see what comes up.

Also consider looking for specific networking groups that you can join which will advertise recourses and training that you can participate in. Be creative and willing to take a small amount of time to invest in this worthwhile activity.

Finally, we encourage book marking our site () to access all of the resources we offer (free of charge) that can assist you (our blog, subscription to our newsletter, industry news, featured jobs and candidate resources).

* NametagTV [] (you can also find a link to this site under the Candidate / Resources section of our website – feel free to click this for easy access) was founded in 2007 by Scott “The Nametag Guy” Ginsberg. It is built on (and is driven by) the principle of approachability. This site teaches communication, marketing and service approaches that get noticed, get remembered and get business. It delivers concise, engaging and educational video modules using cutting edge video technology that you can watch, download and share. Finally, it promises information, tips, techniques and ideas you can put to use today.

* [], is changing the way people learn and improve on a daily basis. ILearningGlobal has brought together the top trainers and speakers in all areas of self development, personal improvement, business training, life skills, tax and financial strategies, and much more within this powerful portal.

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