How to Avoid These 10 Hiring Errors

  • Evaluating based only on competency – Ability to coach, emotional intelligence, temperament and motivation are critical elements of a new hire success or failure.
  • Failure to clearly define job duties and performance objectives – Draft a Performance-Based Position Description and Profile.
  • Making the hiring selection based upon the shortcomings of the last person selected – Don’t hold the sins of others against potential candidates. Being objective will serve you well in the long-term.
  • Selecting from a small pool of qualified candidates – Search far and wide using multiple sources including a recruiter…it won’t cost anything unless your recruiter finds the best candidate.
  • Forgetting to include “recruiting” in your hiring process – Today’s “A” players are interviewing and evaluating you too. Make sure you sell them on your opportunity.
  • Hiring people who mirror you – Balance your team with players whose skills and experience compliment yours.
  • Failure to conduct complete reference checks – This is just not a risk worth taking.
  • Your hiring process moves too fast or too slow – Top talent even in this economy have multiple offers at once and replacement hires take an average of 18 months to have an impact. Have a timeline in place for the process from start to finish and work diligently to adhere to it.
  • Hiring a candidate without similar or related industry experience – Look for someone who has produced similar results to those you seek in a similar setting. This increases the likelihood of a successful transition.
  • Conducting poorly executed or unstructured interviews – Hiring is one of the most important duties of your job. Prepare yourself well. According to a Leadership IQ study, 82% of managers of failed hires admitted in hindsight that their interview with these employees showed signs of future trouble.  
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