How Specialized Recruiters Are Supporting Talent Acquisition Leaders During the Pandemic Overload

By David Lammert | Pinnacle Placements – February 15, 2021

As we enter 2021 and Covid-19 peaks wane, and vaccinations rise, the job market is still one that’s gone from candidate-favoring to employers holding most of the leverage. Exceptions to this exist in the   Information Security arena, some areas of Physical Security, Risk Management, and the very top talent and those with the most desirable skill sets in other industries. These desirable candidates still require courting despite the tight job market. Hiring managers weighed down by the burden of remote leadership and new pandemic-inspired job responsibilities have engaged recruiters today more than ever before.


Waves of Candidates

With the hiring market posting unemployment figures at the height of the COVID quarantine that rival the Great Recession of 2007-2009, companies have become deluged with resumes. Online job postings result in countless applications – typically, only a small fraction of these come from qualified applicants. On top of this deluge of resumes are the unsolicited inquiries for work. Already burdened Human Resource and internal Talent Acquisition professionals are unable to commit the resources needed to sift through the submissions and are instead, partnering with specialty focused external recruiters for a more timely and effective solution to talent sourcing. Top-level organizations don’t want to lose a difference-maker because they lack the bandwidth to identify first-tier candidates.


Specialty Recruiters Are Likely to Deliver Highly Qualified Candidates

Specialized recruiters like Pinnacle Placements offer an ideal solution for finding the perfect candidate among thousands of possibilities. With a carefully curated network of talent, the likelihood is high that Pinnacle Placements can connect companies to the exact Information Security, Cyber, and Physical Security professional they need to fill a mission-critical gap. While there may seem to be an abundance of talent out there, competitive battles over top-tier candidates are a regular occurrence. Recruiters help keep candidates engaged while encouraging clients to move the recruiting process along, beating their competition to the hire.


The Use of Technology Tools to Enhance Proven Strategies

Skilled, seasoned recruiting professionals were already experts at identifying, qualifying, and expediting candidates, and have been implementing various technological tools to complement proven recruiting strategies. The pandemic has only accelerated the use of technology among highly specialized staffing firms. In addition to managing executive search and talent acquisition for a client, firms like ours can help companies navigate which technology they might implement internally to better evaluate and secure candidates, from testing skillsets to interviewing, and successful on-boarding of selected candidates.


Pandemic Cold Feet Requires More Employer Brand Advocacy

Top-tier candidates are highly valued and treated as such by their existing employers. With the unstable economy resulting from the health crisis giving everyone concern, top candidates are cautious about making a change. This is a particularly rocky-road to navigate when current health and safety protocols have diminished the prospect of an in-depth, in-person hiring experience. A seasoned recruiting professional is crucial in setting the stage for the candidate. Painting a picture about the opportunity, the organizations’ culture, and company trajectory, serving as your firms’ brand ambassador.


The COVID-19 pandemic has shrunk resources, increased responsibility, and added demands to already pressured hiring managers. Professional recruiters can serve as a collaborative resource by shouldering the burden of hiring difference-makers for the security function of your organization during these times. Let Pinnacle Placements help you erase anxiety about your search for security management and leadership professionals and instead turn it into a competitive advantage. Learn more here:




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