How Can Security Leaders Avoid Burnout in Today’s Business Environment

How Can Security Management Leaders Avoid Burnout in Today’s Business Environment?


Stress, mental well-being, and burnout are significant concern’s in the workplace especially in today’s chaotic world environment. The world-renowned Mayo Clinic describes burnout, as a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity. The biggest driver of these symptoms is stress.


Research on the non-executive, general workforce burnout is plentiful. It is also commonly acknowledged to affect those in management and executive positions just as much. More specifically, security managers and leaders are known to be reluctant to even admit that they have burnout due to the image they feel necessary to maintain. They are looked at to be competent to solve problems, lead, and withstand high levels of stress and pressure, so burnout would match the image associated with someone in that role. Many overachievers or perfectionists in security roles are susceptible to burnout. Here are some ways for security professionals at all levels to deal with burnout and better yet, avoid it:


  • Recognize and Acknowledge It

Typically, high-achievers in any field rarely recognize burnout. They tend to accept it as a part of their role. In other words, it is baked into the job. Because they seek perfection, they put their organizational success and the security function ahead of their own personal wellbeing. This can negatively impact their own health and, as a result, their management and leadership effectiveness. Here are some common signs to be aware of:

Frustration and irritability usually rise to the surface when the leader feels overwhelmed

After this, anger and outbursts follow with mood swings and seemingly random episodes that are uncharacteristic behavior.

Lack of empathy can set in and this is often the final straw that signals a real case of burnout.


  • Strive for Balance

We know security is not 9 to 5 work free of pressure and stress. That is why is finding time for balance and decompressing from demanding times is paramount. This concept is tough for many high-level security executives to grasp at times, but it actually can help make them better leaders. By keeping this balance, security managers and leaders can be fresh and more efficient when it’s time to work and their absolute best is needed.


  • Focus on Self-Care

The ultimate goal is to know how to find balance and be able to withstand the threat of burnout. This means you must put forth effort and dedicated time to focus on your personal wellbeing. Make sure you are continuously working on improving yourself. It will help increase your stability and resilience.


  • The 50,000 Foot View

What about your work brings you happiness and a sense of fulfillment? What elements of your job are you excited to do each day? This is your purpose. By realigning with this purpose, you can escape burnout and reignite passion for your career.


  • Emphasize Workplace Culture

One of the best ways to avoid burnout is to establish a culture where communication and dialogue is encouraged. The security leader needs to make the security function an environment with minimal stress and distraction so employees can work productively. By making sure the dynamics of the culture are recognized, results driven and supportive, burnout will be less likely to cripple the security leader or team.

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