How a Professional Development Plan Works For You

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Whether you are an entry-level employee or an experienced executive, your career largely depends on your continued education and practice developing new skills. That’s why it’s so important to develop and institute a personal professional development plan so you can continue to grow as an employee and advance your security management career. Here are some things to know about creating a professional development plan:

1. It’s up to you

Some companies set up mentorship programs and/or actively encourage employees to attend training seminars, conferences, and workshops. But many do not, leaving their employees’ professional development to the discretion of the employee. No matter what category your employer falls into, your professional development plan is still up to you. Nobody else can tell you what your career goals are and where you want to be in the next five years. So even if your company works with you to develop a professional development plan, it’s still in your best interest to create one for yourself.

2. You’ll have to do some research

You may have used your networking skills to land you your current job, but that doesn’t mean your networking days are over. Reach out to your network to find out what professional development options are out there. Are there conferences you can attend? ASIS Annual Seminar or ISC2 events or any of the many other. Training seminars or workshops that you can go to to learn more about a specific element of your job? You’re going to have to do some research to find resources for your professional development, and then you’re going to need to make a case to your boss for how that professional development training will benefit not just you but the company.

3. Continue to revise your plan

Your professional development plan is not a static document or a process with an end point. Once you reach your goals, you are going to need to revisit your plan and decide what you want to do next. To have a successful career, your professional development plan should always be updating and changing to help you get to the next stage of your career.

This one investment that can count on to pay-off.

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