Football vs. Corporate Recruitment – How to Get Your Best Team

I have been a die-hard football fan all my life. I love the game and look forward to the start of the football season each year. I especially love watching college football every Saturday. I am a native Nebraskan (Go Big Red!) and huge fan of all things related to Nebraska football.

As a recruiter, I pay particular attention to the recruitment process that college as well as professional teams execute in order to achieve a championship caliber team. In a professional football organization, the recruitment process starts with a draft. The NFL draft process is an exciting journey for the teams and the draft picks alike. The teams spend a tremendous amount of time and energy putting together the potential list of players that they would like to draft to their team. The draft picks are recruited to specific teams for their specific top-notch skills which they can be bring to the game to make the overall team stronger.

In the business world, organizations put together a list of qualifications they need candidates to possess to become a stronger firm. What I think is the “teachable moment” about the football recruiting process at either the college or pro level is the organization understanding of the importance of proper recruiting. The energy and commitment that the organization puts forth throughout the whole recruiting process is indicative of the quality of team that they will end up with.

For draftees in the NFL, there are typically no job descriptions provided. They know what they’ve signed themselves up for. All that’s required of them is to continuously “bring it” every day on the field and keep up the appropriate attitude to support their level of play. They learn from their mistakes in past games and practices and then move to improve their small imperfections that have decreased their chances of winning, ending up leading their team to victory. They’ve been chosen as recruits for a particular reason – because they work hard, give their best, and continuously work to improve themselves above all others.

Along with recruiting the right skills for your business or team, trying to find that “perfect fit” within the culture is a definite must! With a strong focus on company and team culture, everyone can work together striving towards the same goal. No one will deviate away from the main goal and only focus on themselves. Both coaches and managers should prioritize building a close bond with prospective employees and then develop that loyalty once they are part of the team. Developing a strong trust will lead the employee to feel wanted and appreciated by the organization which in the end will make a productive team. This is what ultimately makes a championship caliber company!

I hope your team goes undefeated this season!

David Lammert

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