Follow These Social Media Tips to Maximize Your Job Search


According to a study by the social media site Social Week, 92% of all companies use social media for recruitment.

Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google + have the potential to make or break your job search, so make sure you are using them wisely. Below are some tips that any job seeker should follow in the digital age.

Follow These Social Media Tips to Maximize Your Job Search

1. LinkedIn Is a Valuable Resource…Use It!

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are powerful career development and advancement sites, but just creating a profile is not enough. Become an active participant to take advantage of all that social media has to offer. LinkedIn, for instance, is an interactive site. To get the most out of it, you should add meaningful content, give feedback, answer questions, make introductions, and offer endorsements. You can start increasing your use of LinkedIn by connecting with me. My LinkedIn profile is here.

2. Use Twitter Wisely

Employers and executive recruiters are increasingly using Twitter as a source of potential employees, and to get a sense of the candidates they are thinking of hiring. So while you’re looking for a job, make sure that a high percentage of your tweets, retweets, and replies are relevant to the industry you’re in or to the industry that you’re aspiring to. Take advantage of keywords and hashtags that professionals in your niche use by researching some thought leaders in your industry and using similar keywords and hashtags.

3. Don’t Overdo It

You should try to stay consistently active on social media, but that doesn’t mean you have to create an account on every single platform. Develop a broad strategy: research which platforms are most relevant to the industry you’re targeting and then pick one or two of those to concentrate on.

4. Details, Details

  • Make sure your profiles are linked to an email address and that your contact information is clearly visible.
  • Check your profiles daily to make sure your contact information is displayed and that your accounts look the way you want them to.
  • If you don’t already have a professional email address, head over to Gmail and create one now!
  • Consider getting a LinkedIn “vanity” address, a custom URL that uses your name as part of your public profile address, to make it easier for recruiters and contacts to find you. Directions on setting up a custom URL can be found at LinkedIn’s help center.

5. Red Flags

Most candidates fail to take the time to Google themselves to see what public information is available about them on the Internet. It’s important to see, in advance, what recruiters and potential employers see. Consider setting a Google Alert for your name to check up on what kind of personal information is out there.

6. Do Some Spring Cleaning

LinkedIn is by far the most popular professional networking site, but according to Social Times, 66% of companies now use Facebook for recruiting and screening and 54% of companies use Twitter. Recruiters and employers prefer to see engaged, active candidates, but be warned: if you’re prone to political rants, posting memes that might be considered offensive or generally show questionable judgment on social media, you dramatically reduce your likelihood of being contacted about career advancement opportunities. Review your social media profiles and delete some old posts and tweets with this in mind.

7. Mind your P’s and Q’s

A number of studies and surveys have shown that up to two-thirds of recruiters and human resources professionals hold poor spelling and grammar against candidates. Granted, writing standards on Twitter and Facebook are more relaxed than LinkedIn, but it is always a good idea to proofread before you post!

It is important to remember that what you share on the Internet is there forever. Your digital footprint needs to make a good first impression, so be mindful of what your social media profiles say about you. You never know who’s reading them!

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