Expand Your Network and Feel Good about Yourself

When you are in immersed in the process of a job search it is difficult to think of anything else. It seems your days are spent submitting resumes, conducting research on the internet, posting your resumes on job boards, preparing for interviews, contacting those already in your network and attempting to expand it.

It’s exhausting, not to mention depressing at times.

One way to expand your own personal development and network is almost always “overlooked”. This rewarding and beneficial task is: Volunteering. It is amazing how many contacts you can make and how many people you can meet while you are helping those less fortunate than you! However, this is not the reason to volunteer – it is just one of the subtle benefits of interacting with individuals who believe in giving back. After all, those who volunteer are people who want to help others.

We all need to give back and when you are in a job search you often have more flexibility than when you are employed in a demanding career. Not to mention it can be a good distraction from the rigors of the process. Take your mind off the search and help others. You certainly have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

The next time you hear about a “worthy cause” rather than focus only on your needs – give back to others and your efforts will be rewarded.

David Lammert

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