Employers Need to Brace for Change

Last week The Conference Board released its most recent survey (www.conference-board.org) regarding U.S. employee satisfaction levels. The results are alarming. At a time when you might think that most people would be happy just to have a job, a clear majority (54%) are unhappy with their current job. If this wasn’t disturbing enough, two more statistics add to the alarming news. The first, dissatisfaction is not isolated to one age group or income level but can be found across a variety of age groups and income levels. Secondly, nearly 25% of those polled expect to be in a different job next year.

Employers need to act simultaneously and rapidly in two key areas. First, employers need to improve the work place experience beginning with the onboarding or orientation process. From the very first day on the job, the overall impression an employer gives, as well as the tools and information provided to an employee can help determine the overall experience a new employee will have. Onboarding programs are not only vital to the efficiency with which employees will perform, they also improve retention rates.

Secondly, employers must be proactive with their hiring process in case the statistics above prove true. With an improving economy and increasing confidence, employees may begin to switch jobs before you are ready for them to. You don’t want your company stuck picking from the players nobody else wanted. Identify your organizations needs now and start brining those people on to your team now.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

David Lammert

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