“Elite Eight” Tips That Will Improve Your Game on the Job.

March Madness has the nations attention. Nearly six million brackets were filled out on ESPN’s Tournament  Challenge Website and after just one day of the tournament, do you know how many are still perfect?

Only 317.

It seems very few people (myself included) expected teams like Florida Gulf Coast, La Salle and Wichita State to beat much higher seeded teams and advance to the tournaments “Sweet Sixteen” round.

It got me to thinking how this applied to the work place environment.

Now, here is what this has to do with you…


Are you the person “expected” to be the security expert at your firm?

Are you the person who is “expected” to have all the answers to the latest IT security concerns?

Are you the person who is “expected”  to anticipate all the security concerns before they happen?

It doesn’t really matter what others “expect” — what DOES matter is what YOU expect of yourself!

In honor of March Madness here are the “ELITE EIGHT” tips to “IMPROVE YOUR GAME”

Tip #1 – Act Like You Are a #1 Seed

Colleagues and others around you will react positively if they sense your level of confidence. You have to believe in yourself and your skills before others will.

Tip #2 – Consistently Review Your Performance

Beginning January 1st, rank your performance on a scale of 1 to 10. What’s your score? What would other say you rank? Play at the highest level everyday-no exceptions.

Tip #3 – Stand Out

What is your personal brand and how do you set yourself apart from other security management executives. What unique abilities, skill or knowledge do you offer that others don’t?

Tip #4 – Be Seen as an MVP

Put in time and effort towards professional development. Read publications within your security niche. Join associations that represent your area of specialty and offer to write or blog for the association. Be active, learn and share your knowledge with those around you.

Tip #5 – Practice-Practice-Practice

You will get better at something by doing it more often. Why do you think teams practice as often as allowed. Be known for your strong work ethic.

Tip #6 – Show Your Personality

People are drawn towards and influenced by those they like. What are the words you would use to describe yourself? Do they match the words that your co-workers and peers would use to describe you? If co-workers describe you as “intense” , “over-stressed” or “always frustrated”…then, you need to work on this. It is hindering your ability to be effective.

Tip #7 – Preparation

Athletes and teams spend time studying their competition. They know generally what to expect during the game. You need to be aware of the things that throw you off your game…that keep you from winning performances. Write down these game changers and come up with a game plan to help you thwart any challenge.

Tip #8 – Have Fun

Security is serious business with a lot riding on the line every moment. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself and your work. Dunk the ball ever when you get a chance.


Coaches of this years March Madness teams are constantly recruiting top level players. They are always looking for that one player that can take them to the next level. Let Pinnacle Placements help you recruit your next security management superstar!


Follow these tips and you might become one of the many “Cinderella stories” that exceeds the expectations of everyone—most importantly, of yourself!





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