Does your Company Value Candidates?

As a kid I always looked forward to buying fireworks around the Fourth of July. Back in those days, sometimes the fuse would light right away and provide an instant boom. Other times, the fuse would sputter before really igniting into the big flash…much like our economy these days. We know it is getting ready to sizzle, but we must endure the sputtering sparks before full ignition.

Recently, I was conducting a search for a client and for a variety of reasons the client took some time to get back with the candidate at a critical stage in the process. The amount of time without feedback, updates or a brief email or courtesy call had this candidate asking questions:”Do I really want to work for this company? Is this how they treat the people who are working for them now?” and “Will it be like this when I need information from my boss?” Professional treatment is a two-way street. Even if a company does not choose a candidate it is in their best interest to leave them with a good feeling about the process. All companies should certainly leave all their applicants with the sense that they value them for wanting to interview and join their team. Not only will this leave the applicant with a good feeling towards the company, but also imagine what this does for the organizations branding image.

One of the hiring authorities who I have worked with on several occasions summed it up well. ”David, if we do not select a particular candidate to join the team I want them to at least go away from the process knowing we are a decent caring company, especially if they work in our industry. We know that they will likely share their experience with friends, family, colleagues and others, particularly, if we aren’t respectful and professional in the hiring process.”

Quality recruiters shy away from working with a company when they have a bad reputation in the market for how they treat their people, candidates and customers. The hiring process is certainly challenging, it will have delays, and that’s part of the process. However, your communication (or lack there of) during that process that can certainly affect the outcome.

A good thought for the hiring authority is to treat the candidate with the same care they use with the organizations external customers. It’s a simple way to turn a potential negative for the candidate who is not chosen into a positive and defines your company as a great place to work at the same time!

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