Do You Offer the Five Things Security Industry Job Seekers Want Most?

As we continue our fragile economic recovery I have been conducting an unofficial survey of security industry professionals nationwide and as well as conducting additional questioning at the Annual ASIS Seminar last week in Philadelphia in order to determine what factors most prominently influence a potential employees decision when evaluating new employers. These are the findings listed in order of importance along with possible items for employers to ponder.

Salary: No surprise here. Employers and employees are concerned about their bottom line these days. What this underscores is the urgent need to review your organizations salary structure and strategy to guarantee you are able to attract and retain employees that will allow you to reach your business goals. Job seekers are looking for competitive and fair pay.

Benefits: The cost of benefits is high. One way to get more bang for your buck is to offer benefits that your employees truly want and need. Sometimes less is more. Employees’ value having benefits they use more than having a large number of benefits available that they don’t need or want. Find out what benefits your workers value most before investing in new ones that might not be valued.

Growth: Certainly, you won’t be able to promote everyone you hire and not everyone you hire will be seeking that, however, you can probably find a way to contribute to their personal and professional development by simply giving those interested bigger responsibilities or more diverse projects and workloads. This effort demonstrates your belief in their abilities and your concern for their professional success and career development, which goes a long way towards increasing employee productivity and reducing turnover rates.

Work-Life Balance: Many company cultures send mixed messages about this issue. The company promotes a message of ‘We care about our people, and we want them to have a work-life balance,’ but there’s an unspoken pressure to work 50 to 80 hour work weeks. Does this strike a familiar note? If so, consider taking note of your employees’ satisfaction levels and identify opportunities to provide more flexible work arrangements that work for both them and the company.

Appreciation by Upper Management: As a security recruiter I hear from hundreds of people every month who tell me they like the work they do they just feel unappreciated and as a result they want to leave their current employer. In delving deeper into these concerns the overriding theme is not that security industry professionals are asking for more money; rather they just would like an “Atta boy” or some similar type of recognition or appreciation for their contribution. This is one of the least costly, yet most effective tools all employers have to create a competitive advantage in today’s workplace.


While these unscientific findings offer a rough outline of what today’s security industry job seekers desire, it’s important to do your own research into the wants and needs of the candidates you’re trying to recruit to your organization. This will offer a roadmap for your recruitment strategy, and help you stay competitive in the race.

David Lammert

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