Do you have what it takes to be a good boss?

If you are like me, you have had more than one boss during the course of your career…some were good, some were bad, some you’d like to forget and hopefully at least one was great.

What it takes to be a good boss is a moving target. One also has to admit that some of the challenges you face with a “bad” boss say as much about you as them.

With all this in mind I came up with this list of traits of my best bosses:

The best boss:
• is technologically savvy

• treats ever member of the team fairly

• leads by example

• understands that team members vary in ability, strengths, interest and motivation

• is more concerned with supporting the team than covering their backside

• sets realistic performance expectations

• is not afraid to make changes when needed

• is never critical of individual performance in public

• acknowledges their own mistakes

• sets clear expectations, provided the resources to succeed and got out of the way

• makes an effort to assist in my professional development

• is honest and ethical

• operates with integrity

• doesn’t ask their team to do things that they wouldn’t do

What traits do you value in a boss?

David Lammert

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