Do You Have These Essential Traits That Employers Desire

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The day of the job interview has finally arrived. You look professional, got enough rest, ate a healthy breakfast, role-played for the interview, know how to maintain eye contact, and have all the experience and education necessary to fulfill the demands that the job requires. You are completely prepared, yet do you have these necessary traits that employers desire?

Energy and passion – Though nervousness may arrive before an interview, you know that you can do the job, and you know that you can perform well. A passion to succeed, and the positive energy that comes through confidence in personal ability, will set the right atmosphere during the interview. According to Forbes, “professionalism (86%), high energy (78%), and confidence (61%) are the top three traits employers are looking for in new hires.”

Competitive nature – This is not so much a ruthlessness in wanting to get ahead, crushing anyone who stands in the way, but a confidence to do  the job well, and being able to realistically set and reach goals. A competitive nature motivates a person to move forward, and those who do move forward, success is the inevitable outcome. According to an article in US News, “Employers seek people who will take upon themselves more than what is actually expected or required.” This is the attitude of a positive risk taker, or an entrepreneurial nature, and what employers are looking for in an employee.

A coachable team player – It is essential not only to perform well at the job, but to perform well with others. At the interview, express friendliness, a willingness to listen and be taught (even if the information is repetitive and already known), and good interpersonal skills. In the article in US News mentioned earlier, “Employers want to hire people who play well with others.” In todays diverse work place it is more important than ever.

Emotional stability – Confidence is great, but excitability is too much, therefore emotional self-control is vital in an interview and on the job. Being too quiet expresses a lack of confidence, whereas speaking in a monotone, lifeless voice expresses a lack of interest. Be sincere, honest, and self-confident, showing the ability to adapt and be flexible.

It is important to embrace your unique value when approaching an employer, and even well after the hiring process is over. This is the energy that paves the way for success. To found out more helpful information, feel free to connect with me on twitter.    

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