Desirable Traits and Qualities All Employers Seek

Every employer has a list of specific qualities they seek from a potential new hire.  Depending on the position they’re looking to fill, the specifics might change, but there are common traits in people that all employers crave – regardless of the role, company or industry. Embodying at least some of these qualities, while working towards all of them, will make you stand out during the interview process. If you demonstrate these qualities along with the skills the employer desires, you are quickly viewed as an asset by any company and a benefit to potential employers. Thus, you are high likely to receive a job offer if you show these traits.

1. Long term stability and potential
As always employers are attracted to candidates that will potentially spend a long time within the company – and not only in the initial role for which they are hired. Companies look for employees who can develop and acquire various skills and abilities. Candidates that demonstrate a genuine excitement about their career path and the company and don’t view the position as just a job are more likely to be hired.

2. Able to work independently
Though employers need people who can work well with others, they also need people who can work without a lot of supervision. Companies look for people who can get projects done without being told each step to make, take responsibility for their own work and have the initiative to accomplish goals above and beyond their initial scope.

3. Gets along with others
People spend a third of each day (or more) at work, so getting along with colleagues is critical. Hiring authorities understand they are not only hiring an individual for a specific role, but as part of a larger company. Candidates must show the ability to respectfully work with the collective organization to help achieve the firm’s common goals.

4. Capable of multitasking
In today’s fast-paced business world, companies strive to hire candidates who can deliver results quickly and effectively. This is why a candidates ability to perform a variety of tasks, and even multiple tasks at the same time, is a valued asset to every employer.

5. Adaptability and problem solving skills
Successful businesses are constantly evolving and changing to keep pace. They must adapt and adjust their business strategies to stay competitive in the market. Therefore, companies need key players that not only adapt to change rapidly but can also identify and implement solutions to problems in both innovative and creative ways.

Keep these in mind as you prepare for your next interview. Be able to offer examples of these traits and you will separate yourself from the other candidates under consideration.



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