Could Video Interviews Keep You from Being Hired


A new study raises concerns for human resources managers about the drawbacks of video conferencing interviews. While the method is increasingly popular, there may be significant trade-offs, especially in highly competitive fields like corporate security, cyber security and information security management.

Researchers found that both employers and candidates rated each other more negatively when they participated in interviews through video-conferencing services rather than meeting face to face. The study was conducted by Greg Sears and Haiyan Zhang of McMaster University and published in the journal Management Decision.

At the same time, interviewing through services like Skype is becoming more prevalent due to their convenience and cost savings. A 2012 survey by the staffing agency Office Team found that 66.7% of corporate managers said they now use these methods very often.

Fortunately, there are a number of things employers and candidates can do to improve communications and reduce technical barriers. As always, employers are advised to use similar methods to assess all candidates to encourage more objective evaluation. Video interviewing tends to be better suited to initial screening rather than the later stages of interviewing where final decisions are made.

It is also important to invest in adequate equipment including a high–definition webcam and good quality microphones. All participants should be advised that they need to look into the webcam to give the impression of making eye contact rather than following the natural tendency to look at yourself or the image of the other person on the computer screen. Adequate rehearsal time along with natural lighting and flattering backdrops may also make everyone feel more comfortable and perform better.

The bottom line here…never do a Skype or video interview without rehearsing. You want to ensure you are hired based on your skills and experience not how you come across on camera.

Good luck in your next interview!

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