Career Development Tip: Establish a Relationship With a Security Recruiter

Smart security professionals realize that top security management recruiters are valuable assets on your career development path. Not only do they have access to a larger pool of industry contacts than you would if you were acting alone, but they have their fingers on the pulse of the industry. They are often privy to information before it is known publicly and while ethical security search consultants will not violate the confidentiality entrusted to them, they can steer you away from career disaster. So, how can you attract the attention of a top security recruiter? Consider the following tips.

  • Look within your field. Seek to attract the attention of a recruiter who specializes in your career niche. If you are seeking placement in the security industry, turn to a recruiter that specializes in just that. They will have the best industry contacts and they understand the needs of both the employer and potential employee in that business sector.
  • Leverage your existing contacts. If you have a current or former colleague who has used a recruiter, get them to make an introduction. Personal recommendations always go a long way when recruiters are sorting through their sea of resumes. All of my search assignments begin within my network of contacts. If I have a candidate reccomended to me from a trusted source…they go to the top of the contact list. Also, take advantage of professional social networks as well. There’s no other way to reach that many contacts at once. Ask your connections to recommend a recruiter they have used.
  • Attend a conference or professional networking event. Recruiters often look for good candidates at events that attract people in their specific industry. Look for conferences in your speciality of the security niche. Attend local or national conferences such as: ASIS, ISC, NFPA or the CSO Roundtable.
  • Offer your services. Where appropriate, offer to speak at conferences, write guest blog spots or articles in an industry-specific publication. The more you put your name out there, the greater your chances of attracting a recruiter’s attention.
  • Spread the karma. Make a security management recruiter part of your regular contact. Connect with them on social media sites and contact them once or twice a year to stay in touch. If you come across someone you think could benefit from their help, pass along their information. Hopefully, someone will do the same for you, landing you a great new job.

Even if you don’t land a job immediately, keep in mind that recruiters share information with each other. If you make a good impression, they are likely to pass along your name to another security headhunter, who may have the perfect opportunity for you.

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