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I am sure most everyone is tired of this topic, I know that I am. However, I do think that the recent H1N1 health scare (more widely publicized as swine flu) serves as an important reminder of the importance for business continuity planning in the event of health crisis or natural disasters. Though most businesses today seem to have their priorities squarely set on the bottom line, this event underscores the importance of remembering the need to prioritize a company’s most important asset, its people.

Below are some links to a variety of planning guides that may assist you in your business continuity efforts. Hope you find them helpful.

David Lammert

Business Continuity Guidance for Swine Flu
By Kevin M. Nixon, Security Editor

“Business continuity and disaster recovery are crucial parts of sound corporate governance – for industries like the financial sector and the nation’s critical infrastructure, there are mandates. Organizations that fail to plan and prepare for events like public health emergencies, natural disasters, and man-made disruptions face loss of business and potential corporate exposure if they fail in these obligations. It is time to get serious about earlier and better handling of risk issues.” Laura Wilson
, Corporate Liability Editor

Corporations, businesses, and employers who have not already done so should immediately consider developing their Continuity of Business plans. To help organize the effort, the government has established a website to assist in the quick development of plans. The website is and provides templates and guidelines. The place to start is the Business Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist.

Resources Available to Provide Quick Plan Development:
Planning Guide for U.S. Businesses with Overseas Operations
Planning Guide for Businesses and other Employers
Planning Guide for Childcare Programs
Planning Guide for Elementary and Secondary Schools
Planning Guide for Colleges and Universities
Planning Guide for Faith-Based and Community Organizations
Planning Guide for Individuals and Families

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