Build a Stronger Team

Use these 10 action steps to build a stronger team:

1) Communicate clearly and frequently.
Few things are more demoralizing to a staff than mixed messages or lack of communication. The good news is it’s not difficult to communicate effectively; it does not have to be complicated to outline exactly what is expected of your team daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

2) Motivate your current team with incentives, rewards and most importantly, acknowledgements of a job well done. In many of my interviews with dissatisfied professionals, one of the first things they mention is the fact that their achievements were not noticed nor seem to matter.

3) Praise in public, criticize in private.

4) Promote from within when it makes sense. Nothing motivates current team members more than knowing they, too, can be promoted when they prove themselves worthy. They will strive harder to achieve when they see the rewards of success.

5) Be accessible and available. Having a manager actually listen and be available may make the difference between a successful hire and a failed one.

6) Assign mentors to new hires. The earlier a new team memeber is attached to your organization the quicker you will see results. The mentoring process can help the new hire avoid rookie mistakes and accelerate his/her ramp-up time.

7) Consistently offer training opportunities throughout the year to your staff. Top level performers enjoy challenge and the opportunity to sharpen existing skills and develop new ones. It helps to avoid job burnout and stagnation.

8) Offer the option of a book of the month that those who are interested can read and discuss. Hundreds of excellent books exist that relate to business success and personal professional development. (Contact me for a list of top books if you’d like). This is an excellent and inexpensive way to offer your staff members an opportunity to interact and strengthen their individual performance level.

9) Build your bench. If you see top talent from your competitors in the field, begin a relationship with them so you can contact them when you have an opening. It’s not IF you will have an opening; it’s when. If you are not doing the all the things noted so far, chances are you are experiencing a talent drain in your organization right now.

10) Establish and continue your relationship with an external recruiter. When all internal efforts are exhausted, or you need professional help hiring top talent, you’ll have an ally ready to go to work for you.

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