Boston Tragedy Demonstrates Why Careers in Security Management Are So Impactful

Explosive devices set off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon last week injured over 170 people and took the lives of three spectators and an MIT Police Officer. These tragic events clearly demonstrates what an important job security management is to this nation.

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No one has criticized the safety plan for Monday’s race, which balanced the need for strict security near the VIP viewing area and finish line with the ancient tradition of granting the public curbside views of the marathon.

However, the entire nation has been dealt a jolt of reality. Bad things can still happen here. Although many of the “top marathoners” are less zealous about the idea of tightened security, some people see this as a wake-up call.

Colin Peddie, owner of Marathon Sports, where the first bomb exploded is “considering expanding his network of surveillance cameras to monitor the exterior of his store.”

But it takes more than a nation coming together to provide the necessary security management required to protect us. It requires individuals dedicated to minimizing the damage from potentially dangerous and calamitous events.

The role of the security professional offers the opportunity to protect people and organizations from a long list of security threats including:

  • Criminal
  • Cyber
  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Industrial
  • Natural
  • Political
  • Technological
  • Terrorist

As a security professional, you’re helping to ensure a safe and secure organization and work environment. As a security professional, you’re involved in identifying potential threats and devising a plan to deal with them.

We at Pinnacle Placements would like to extend our heart-felt thanks and gratitude to all the first responders, local, state and federal law enforcement, and security professionals who were there to help in this time of tragedy.

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