Be your own best friend, not your own worst enemy

It’s safe to say that everyone looks for a fresh start around New Year’s. It’s a time to take the lessons learned from a challenging 2009 and move forward with a renewed mental vigor. It’s a time to show our resilience and use our individual gifts to make valuable contributions for the world around us.

It’s a time to reflect and whether you are an employer, a candidate (or both!) you should take a moment to look back at 2009 before moving ahead in 2010.

Employers – it’s important to realize that while we have a high level of unemployment, top notch talent is still hard to find. Even in today’s market, it’s as difficult as ever to find those employees who turn out to be gems. Don’t fall prey to the idea that it is a buyer’s market when hiring. Yes, you will have more overall candidates to choose from, but many may fall short of the “A” player level you expect.

Candidates, in the current economic climate many employers have the mindset that top level talent is easily had when they are ready to hire. Because the bar is set higher than usual in the employers mind, you had better be prepared to exceed these incredibly high expectations at every phase of the hiring process. From properly formatted, error free resumes to applications filled out neatly and completely along with finely tuned interviews skills. These are just the very basics. Much more goes into what can make or break you as a candidate.

I look forward to working with you all in 2010 and to continue providing organizations the top level candidates they need in order to achieve and surpass their business goals.

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