Be a “F.R.E.A.K.”

I found this fantastic and motivational mantra that I thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to share with you.

Sometimes we get into such a routine that we need to self-motivate in order to achieve outstanding results and maintain our enthusiasm – not just on the job, but in our personal lives as well.
I hope you enjoy the attached and get in touch with your inner FREAK as well.

David Lammert

Wanna be a F.R.E.A.K.?
By: Doyle Slayton @

Focus – I have the ability to relentlessly pursue my goals without distraction. It is a laser like focus that launches me to the top of the stack rankings; when negative forces tug at me, my will breaks through.

Results – I produce results that are so extraordinary, it makes others say things like… “How does (s)he do it,” “I’ve never seen anything like it,” “It’s unbelievable!”

Excellence – Let’s pause midway through to make a point. I don’t care how “freaky” I am, if I am not living a life of excellence. Being a superstar means doing the right things. I choose to be a person of high moral standards and integrity.

Activity – The thing that separates me as the best-of-the-best is that I don’t have a stop button. When it’s time to work, I work, and when others need a break… I drive on. I produce freakish results because I am willing to work smarter and harder than everyone else.

Karma – I always have deals just falling in my lap. Every action I take results in a positive reaction. Good things happen to me because it is my assignment to be great. It is my destiny!

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