Avoid these 7 offer killing errors during your job search.

Were you lucky enough to get an interview and now you are waiting by the phone to hear back from a recruiter or hiring manager?

Time to wake up! You’re sabotaging your own job search. Take a step back and ask yourself if you’ve committed any of these 7 offer killing mistakes during your search:

7) Do you have an unflattering Web presence? Come on – in this day and age? Get your Facebook and Twitter presence cleaned up. Get an email account with only your name and use it for professional purposes like your job search.

6) Do you have bad grammar or typos on your resume? It doesn’t matter if you’re a VP of Security or an entry level candidate, you’ll be judged by your writing competency. It’s not always a deal breaker, but you start the process with a strike against you if you’re lucky enough to not be ruled out based on that alone. Glaring typos are a bad sign to see on your resume, cover letter, or thank you letter. Speaking of which…

5) Did you send a thank you letter? You need to after every interview. A quick email will suffice, but a personalized handwritten letter says a bit more. Aside from being professional it’s an opportunity to set you apart from other candidates.

4) Did you inquire too early about how much the job pays? Compensation is a touchy subject. If you bring it up too soon, it’ll look like your priorities are misaligned. You’re saying you don’t care about the company, just the paycheck itself.

3) Did you send your resume directly to the CEO: This “advice” comes up now and again from those who think there’s a fast-track to the hiring process; if you follow this advice, you’ve been fed a lie. The CEO is too busy for your gimmicks. Follow the prescribed avenues first – then try going “out of the box” to get into the company.

2) Do you have a customized cover letter and resume? You should have at least 2 or more versions of your resume that can be customized for different jobs. Never lie about your skills, you’ll be found out – but you might want to highlight different aspects of your career (aside from your transferable skills across industries) and SHOW don’t TELL how you accomplished various goals.

1) You went on the interview – did you assume you’re all done? It’s time to sit back and wait by the phone right? No. Keep applying to positions and going on interviews. Nothing is a done deal until you hear, “you’re hired.”

Job seeking is a full time job – one that you probably don’t want for long! Work smarter, not longer and you’ll have that handshake in no time.

Good luck!
David Lammert

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