Ask Yourself: Are You Making Time For Professional Development at Work?

Are You Making Time For Professional Development at Work?

In the Harvard Business Review for July 4, 2013, Elizabeth Grace Saunders wrote an article about the need to Any good company realizes that keeping their employees up to date is of great importance. Unfortunately there are those employees who are not happy with those ‘required attendance’ seminars. That is why I enjoyed reading the viewpoint by Saunders. Her article fits my question perfectly:

We are aware that there are many changes taking place in the world of security today, especially when it involves the workplace and public arenas. It is important to make sure your employees are also aware of what is happening and what is involved when it comes to keeping their knowledge of the world of security up to date. Saunders has the employees themselves doing the searching in this HBR article. She believes it is important that they take the initiative for searching areas for new growth. Seeing what they do or do not do demonstrates their true involvement and interest in, not only the company but also in their job. Topics covered in the article include:

  • Making sure you find opportunities for growth, by reviewing your job description
  • Always look for the best value for stretching your skills and still have a good impact on the organization.
  • Know the path that you need to follow to reach the final destination you have in mind.
  • Determine what you believe is the acceptable amount of time you can put into this growth project.

In the beginning of October, had their annual seminar in Chicago. A global organization of more than 38,000 security practitioners, ‘each of whom has a role in the protection of assets – people, property, and/or information.’ This event was attended by 20,600 security professionals and there were over 700 vendors represented in the exhibit area.

The in Chicago was a huge success, attracting thousands of security professionals from around the globe. The energy on the show floor was electric, learning opportunities were in abundance, and networking happened everywhere you turned. Visit the for highlights.

This event is an excellent opportunity each year to expand your knowledge base, sharpen your skills and further your professional development if you are serious about a successful career in the field of security. Visit the HUB link and explore the wealth of information that is available there.

Another great group for membership and professional development of information security is ,where Security Transcends Technology. This site makes available training in various formats for certificates to further your career. They cover the CICCP, CAP, SSCP, CSSLP, the CCFP as well as the HCISPP.

The (ISC)2 membership includes networking opportunities as well as a job board. You can join or create chapters in your own area to be able to offer education opportunities to others. These chapters do their best to make those outside the field more aware of the informational security profession. (ISC)2 also makes sure that those who have contributed to the field of security receive recognition for their work.

What it actually comes down to, is not just a company making time for furthering the training of its employees, but also the employees taking some initiative on their own for growth in the security field. Clearing your idea or project with your boss is a good idea and if they really feel good about it, they may step up and cover some or all the fees involved.  Of course, this depends on their individual policies.

As a security recruiter, I can share first hand that those security professionals who stay on the edge of industry trends are the most sought after by todays hiring managers. Employers are seeking subject matter experts in certain areas of security, however, they are also seeking leaders with broad skill-sets to compliment specific area of expertise. Invest in your career and become proactive in your own professional development.

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