ASIS 2009

For those of you who were able to join in on the ASIS festivities last week, I hope you found the trip as rewarding as I did. I felt Anaheim was a good venue (and who can complain about that sunny Southern California weather!) with plenty of hotels in close proximity to the convention center, which was ideal with three compact levels allowing for easy manuevering between sessions, the exibit floor and meeting rooms.

I believe that this years ASIS conference was a great success. While attendance my have been down slightly from years past, it seems as though everyone who was able to attend seemed to have a sense of purpose in being there. Those I spoke with shared a dedication to Security Industry and a hope of learning the latest and greatest and improving their personal and professional offerings.

The industry’s future is bright – I saw a nice mixture of experienced individuals as well as eager up and comers. Professionalism continues to rise as does passion for personal development. I felt that the show offered a reassurance that security professionals are begining to see themselves in a broader scope – as team members who have many skills to contribribute and a business approach to their discipline.

In talking with employers, many are already making plans to add staff in 2010 and some are begining that process now. The pent-up demand I have refered to before is definitely in force. Organizations who do not remain ahead of the curve have the potential to lose key staff members and could quite possibly be forced into a reactive hiring position. This, of course, has the potential to further delay their economic recovery. In other words, I believe the war for talent is on.

I look forward to sharing more information in the next few weeks about what I leared in the several seminars I attended, from my conversations last week and what’s ahead.

Make your plans now for ASIS 2010 in Dallas (October 12-15, 2010).

Thanks for reading,
David Lammert

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