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Once upon a time, our intrepid hero would simply pull himself or herself up by their boot straps, put their nose to the grindstone and persevere. Through simple hard work and a can-do attitude our hero would achieve success and ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after.


Nice fairy tale but not anywhere near the reality of today’s workplace. But do you have a clear model to use in place of this fairy tale? That is where executive coaching comes in.


Career coaching or coaching in general is designed to give you a fresh and objective perspective on you, your job, various challenges you face that keep you from success  or on related matters. Coaching will help you create a clearer vision of what you want to accomplish, and build an action plan to achieve your career goals.


Are you dissatisfied in your job? Executive coaching can help you – even if you have success and recognition, but you no longer feel challenged or satisfied in your role or career. Coaching will help you map a new path, one that will lead you to job satisfaction or help you uncover options you might not think possible.


There are many situations where coaching can help. If even just one of the following statements or questions applies to you, you can benefit from career coaching.


• Do you feel stuck or unmotivated in your career and not sure why or what to do about it?

• After numerous years in the same job or field, are you feeling burned out and uncertain what to do next?

• Wondering why you’ve been passed over for promotions or prime assignments?

• Are you fully prepared for your next performance review?

• Can you confidently make your case for a raise or promotion?

• You are qualified for a promotion, yet you lack confidence in your ability?

• Are you experiencing problems with a coworker or boss and don’t know how to fix the problem?

• You are good at what you do, but often times are paralyzed by fear and anxiety?

• You are reluctant to engage key stakeholders, potential customers and others, but don’t know why?

• Do you know how to conduct an effective job search in 2015?

• Are you confident your resume clearly differentiates you from your competition?

• Do you find it difficult to sell yourself in an interview?

• Do you struggle to articulate your value, previous contributions, and successes?

• Are you considering leaving your current role for a different industry or to start your own business?

• Is retirement imminent? Are you considering an encore career, but not sure what that is?


Having engaged an executive coach myself, I can testify to the enormous value associated with a professional who provides unbiased expertise, perspective and various tools to help you maximize your success potential.

Consider breaking down the barriers that hold you back and engage an executive coach to help you achieve your very best.

When you are ready for the next step in your career contact us to discuss how we can be a resource for you.  You can also learn more about me on LinkedIn.


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