Always Improve: Become a Better Security Management Pro by Using Marketing Skills

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In general, I am a believer in taking a humble approach to most pursuits in life. However, when it comes to the career search process, one must be more assertive in order to stand-out in a crowded job market. Personal branding needs to be an important part of your career planning. If you don’t establish your own brand others will do it for you. Your online profile informs others about your background, views, priorities, career history and expertise. So you see…we are all engaged in some marketing.

Now, there are other important reasons applying some basic marketing concepts can be helpful in your security career. Learning and applying some marketing techniques will make you a better security management professional. Here is how to become a better security management executive by using marketing skills:

  1. You Will Fine-Tune Your Listening Skills – A marketing mindset means you are always looking for opportunities, something that is next to impossible without the proper listening skills. With your ears and mind consistently focused on the conversation at hand, you can more easily and accurately communicate and help understand your company or organization’s most important stakeholders needs. When you approach every conversation like it is a chance to connect or sell, you will engage more directly and take more away from it.
  2. Improved Decision-Making Ability – Marketers and security professionals must not only collect heaps of data but also analyze and use it appropriately. This means accurately interpreting what you find and deciding the best way to use it. Constantly making large decisions from an even larger pool of data can help you learn to ground your decision-making in fact and rationality, not just going with your gut feeling. It can also keep you from rushing through an important decision. Even if when presented with the facts, you will learn to think critically about what is in front of you instead of merely taking it for face value.
  3. Increased Awareness – It is impossible to be an effective marketer without knowing your industry…understanding its culture, trends, and needs. Learning to look closely at the world forming around you from a security and a business perspective will help you refine your perspective. It’s not enough to know about your organization only from the security perspective. If you do not know the firms mission, the inner workings of the workplace and its executives, how can you reach them effectively? Keep your knowledge, skills, and networking contacts up-to-date to make sure you stay in touch with the world around you.
  4. Greater Communications Skills (Who Doesn’t Need That) – One of the most useful skills marketers have is the ability to tailor their message to fit multiple kinds of people. As a security executive, you can take a cue from marketers on how to gather wisdom into different personality types and apply various techniques for engaging them effectively. One style of communication with all types of people will only lead to frustration and poor results. The ability to read people, understand their needs and communicate in various ways with C-level management, staff members and external partners will improve your effectiveness.
  5. Learn How to Do More With Less – Even with an improving economy budgets are tight. Today’s top marketers are taking advantage of the fact that the world has more free marketing than ever before with the continued developments in social media. You can likely find similar convenient approaches to security management as well. Brainstorm and think creatively about what new partnerships, simple techniques, software, and applications you can use to cheaply and easily improve security and security awareness. One good idea implemented correctly goes a long way.

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