Adjust Your Security Recruiting Practices to Improve Results and Retention

Are you looking to hire a quality security professional? Finding and then keeping the highly-competent talent that you need to keep corporate projects running both on time and on budget can be a challenge for your organization and the security search consultant you partner with. That’s why many of the organizations we work with are asking how they should  adjust current practices and what resources are needed to improve their recruitment and retention strategies.

Here are some of the trends in recruiting and what you should be doing to maximize your talent acquisition and retention.


1. ‘Sell’ your company. Clearly identify your unique selling points and market them at every chance you get. Whether it’s opportunities for career growth, bleeding-edge technology, investment opportunities, organizational stability or flexible working hours, promote these benefits via a highly visible link on your homepage and through popular social media outlets.

2. Invest more than your competitors. It’s an obvious — if not easy — point: increasing compensation levels, even if only by a little bit, will make you more attractive than your industry competitors. Work with a consultant to benchmark your salary and compensation structure against other industry-standards to find out where your sweet spot is.

3. Recruitment should take precedence. Don’t wait until you have a critical security role open to start recruiting — that’s too late to find the best candidates. Do some strategic planning for positions where you expect to see to expansion, turnover or increased workload.

4. Recruit your team. Create an employee referral program, since the people who already work in your organization can often recommend the strongest hires. These program are also cost-effective and efficient.

5. Grow your workforce by starting at the beginning. Recruiting high-level security professionals from outside can be expensive and time-consuming. Focus on hiring promising entry-level professionals instead, and give them opportunities for professional development and growth.


1. Be flexible. Increasingly, new hires are looking for  flexible work environments, and offering a work-life balance can increase productivity and even decrease health care costs, when done right.

2. Provide training. Security professionals are particularly thankful for opportunities for professional development since technology develops at such a rapid pace. Quality training means that employees sharpen their skills to help them advance within your company.

3. Engage your employees. Try creating cross-departmental teams that work to solve company-wide challenges, like revamping employee communications or thinking about innovative ways to reach new customers.

4. Teamwork is key. Design and promote initiatives that create rapport among your security professionals and others in your organization. Those employees who believe they have friends at the office are more satisfied and engaged.

5. Be wary of burnout. Assign practical workloads, encourage employees to ask for help and commit to solving morale issues quickly all helps keep employees from feeling overstressed and unhappy.

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