Ace The Interview: Personal Branding Tactics For The Security Professional

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Tips to Build Your Personal Brand

  • Interaction & Networking: You represent your brand. If you own it, others around you can’t help but take notice. When you are networking, be sure to put value into your words and actions. You want to stand out from the crowd; be memorable by displaying your core values and talents.
  • Create a Presence: Creating a presence is imperative. In today’s job market you are one among many who wants a certain position with a firm. By creating a strong, positive presence online and off, you are marketing your brand. You want senior management and HR to see you live and breathe security excellence.
  • Research Your Target: Always do your homework when researching a possible position with a company. You want to be able to emotionally and intellectually connect with the establishment, the interviewer, and their company culture.
  • Be Authentic: Authenticity is worth its weight in gold. Be honest about your passion for security. The interviewer want to believe you, and if you offer something they can believe in or put faith in, you will get the chance to show the organization what you are made of.

When interviewing be clear and honest about your goals. If you believe you have what it takes, others will follow suit. Always be confident that you can complete the task using the talents you possess. Congrats, you’ve been branded.

For more information about securing a position as a security professional, contact the experts with Pinnacle Placements. We are dedicated to helping security professionals identify their strengths and positions with reputable organizations in need of their talents.

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