We Know People

At Pinnacle Placements, we recruit extraordinary security talent to add value to your company.

A-List Candidates

We work with only a small percentage of possible candidates: those who exemplify the experience, passion, and inspiration that drive major impact for your company.

By implementing a consistently analytical and data-driven approach, we identify exceptional leaders with the skills and qualities essential to reaching your organization’s goals.

We pursue that vision through our deep security industry knowledge, proactively seeking out and engaging top security management performers with the strengths that uniquely match your company’s needs.

Unique Talent

Top candidates are hard to find – and harder to recruit.

Because of Pinnacle Placements boutique search-firm business model, we aren’t constrained by the “off-limits” restrictions that hamper large headhunter firms. We leverage that unique advantage to find prime talent that other firms miss or cannot recruit because of contract restraints.

We pinpoint the best security management talent for a wide variety of both public and private companies.


We strongly believe in doing what we promise, and doing it well, and if that is not possible, we advise otherwise. We are candid about what we are good at and we play to these strengths. The relationship we maintain with our clients and candidates is based on trust, mutual respect and candor. We follow strict ethical standards and maintain complete confidentiality for clients and candidates alike.


We understand diverse experiences lead to fresh ideas, perspectives and business values. We help you build security teams that mirror the world we live in. When working with our firm, clients gain unmatched access to a highly diverse candidate pool.

Knowing the right leader can sometimes come from unexpected places, we look beyond any single sector or function to identify opportunities to capture top talent. We work diligently to follow the career progression, interests and expertise of highly sought-after prospects, drawing on thorough research into leading companies and targeted professional security associations.

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