5 Ways Your Organization Can “Sell” Itself to Top-Tier Candidates

How Does Your Organization “Sell” Itself to Top Tier Candidates

If you want to attract the best talent for your organization, you have to make your organization desirable. That’s a simple truth of recruiting today. Aided by digital tools and more information availability than ever before, top tier candidates have become empowered to not just choose the first career opportunity they encounter, but pick the organization they perceive to be the best fit for their skill set and professional development.

That development, in turn, has introduced concepts to recruiting that were once limited to marketing. Becoming an “employer of choice” means selling the benefits of working at your organization to potential employees. Here are .

1) Knowing Your Audience

Marketers know: the only way to effectively market a product is to know the types of people who would buy that product. Similarly, the only way you can truly make a job seem attractive to top-notch professionals is to understand what makes them tick. Establishing an “ideal” candidate for the position and then gearing your job description and promotion to that candidate is essential to make that position attractive.

2) Transparency

If you don’t promote the position honestly, your candidates will know. Remember, you’re not recruiting inexperienced candidates; you want to attract the best security management professionals. So it pays to be honest, letting your candidates know the realistic expectations as well as potential challenges that come with the position. As long as you also tell them about the resources you will provide them to overcome these challenges, top-tier candidates will embrace honesty and relish challenge.

3) Presenting Your Culture

The best candidates are not just looking for the most money or the easiest job. They’re looking for a cultural fit, and want to make sure their personality fits in well within your corporate culture. Introducing them to that culture by arranging meetings with future team members and letting them experience the work atmosphere for themselves can go a long way toward attracting candidates that “fit” the position. They’ll appreciate the look behind the curtain, which allows them to envision themselves within your culture.

4) Articulating Your Vision

The best security management candidates don’t live in the present – they want to be sure that the organization is also a long-term fit. Educating them about both your company’s mission and vision allow them to determine just that. Everyone wants to be part of a rising company, ascending to the top instead of beginning its decline. Articulating your vision and showing them what steps you’re taking toward that vision is crucial.

5) Personal Growth Opportunities

But the best candidates don’t just want the company they’re a part of to grow. They’re looking for personal and career growth as well, so be sure you present the position not as a simple job but as a career with possibilities of having a notable impact and making valuable contributions. If you offer benefits like tuition reimbursement and other measures to support personal growth, be sure to mention these as well.

The best talent for your position is not easily convinced. In fact, they will likely have multiple offers to consider at the time you are trying to recruit them. But with these five points, you can “sell” your organization to top-tier candidates and ensure they don’t choose your competition over you.

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