5 Ways To Recognize The Signs of A Hostile Work Culture

Nothing will destroy your satisfaction more quickly or thoroughly than a hostile work culture. Each new day it’s like you’re gearing up to step into the ring with a lion, and that stress leads to a quick burn out. It isn’t hard to avoid taking a job from a toxic company, though, if you know the signs to look for.

Sign #1: You Haven’t Seen A Job Description

There’s nothing shadier than a business who says, “would you like a job?” without telling you what the job is, or isn’t clear about what you’ll be required to do. If a business isn’t being straightforward about what is expected of you then that is a big, red flag you should not ignore.

Sign #2: You’re Offered The Job Immediately

While it might be a big boost to your ego to be given a job on the spot, you should be cautious about what that could mean. For example, it might mean that the job has such a high turnover rate that the company wants to fill the slot immediately, or it might mean that they don’t care who is on staff or how qualified they are as long as there’s a cog in place. Companies that rush to fill slots should be eyed with suspicion. Do more homework before accepting an offer.

Sign #3: Your Interviewer Has Nothing Nice To Say

Have you ever been interviewed for a job, and the person doing the interviewing had nothing nice to say about the company, or the people who worked for it? Even if the interviewer is using it to try to tell you that you’re a cut above the other lazy slobs you’ll be working with, that attitude should tell you there is something rotten behind the employees only door. If a company doesn’t work together, and workers casually bad mouth one another, that is a hostile culture to be a part of.

Sign #4: Communication is Lacking

Not being given a job description is a bad start, but if you can’t communicate with the company then you might be walking into no-man’s-land. If your interviewer won’t answer your questions, if you can’t get your phone calls or emails returned, and if you keep getting put off with lines like, “someone else will address that later,” then you might be better off just walking away.

Sign #5: No One You Meet Is Happy

You can usually get a pretty good handle on whether or not you want to work somewhere just by taking a look around. If everyone from the receptionist to your interviewer has a sour look on their face, and no one has anything pleasant to say, you might be wading into a swamp. Gripped by fear is no way to spend your entire work day. Every job has rough days, but if there’s nothing rewarding at work, and no one wants to be there, maybe you should consider moving on to something more fulfilling.

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