5 Ways That Embracing Change Will Help Your Career


How to Embrace Change in the Workplace and Make it Work for You

No matter what your chosen occupation is, there are bound to be changes in the workplace. The great recession highlighted this. Change is hard to accept, and it often takes time to adjust. However, the faster you can embrace change and make it work for you, the better off you will be. Here are some things to keep in mind when changes occur in the workplace:

1. The Past is Past

Most people who have been working at a place for a long time will have developed habits, comfort zones, and tricks of the trade. It is hard to let go of certain things, especially when they are guaranteed to work. Yet, times are changing and there is always something new to learn. By letting go of the past and looking forward to change, it will allow you to open your mind to new ideas. Being open to new ideas can potentially help you along in your career. During the course of my recruiting career, I have noticed some commonality among people with successful careers. You guessed it. One of the common threads is that they understand change is part of the landscape and they find ways to make it work.

2. Flexibility 

This is an advantage in which both employer and employee can reap the benefits. For employees, chances to grab new opportunities will arise. Whether they are new positions or different work assignments for your current employer. For employers flexibility creates balance in the workplace. By adapting quickly to changes such as these, it will reduce stress for everyone and create a more efficient workplace.

3. Hire Motivated People

Change can mean letting go of people. It is important to evaluate workers on the quality of their work, versus the quantity of time they have spent working. People who refuse to adapt to change are easily weeded out when changes occur. This opens up the positions for people who will be valuable additions to the workplace. Spending time and resources to motivate the unmotivated is not something most successful hiring managers want to engage in. By hiring motivated people from the start, the job will be done efficiently and done well.

4. Communication

Change or no change, communication remains key. However, change does call for better communication. Whether there is an army of workers, or a small group it is crucial that every single member gets the memo. In any operation, one little cog doing the wrong thing can stop the efficiency of the production as a whole. Do not let anyone get left behind due to lack of understanding of what change entails.

5. Maintain A Positive Attitude

This is the final and most important rule to abide by. When dealing with change, there can be a lot of resentment and refusal to adapt. Whether you are the boss, or the newest member always remember to be positive. By thinking of all the things that could go wrong, you stop yourself from seeing all the new possibilities.

Change can be scary, but it is change that allows us to grow. In the workplace, change is the key to staying on top. Embracing change will make you an even more important addition to any employer.

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