5 Steps to Help Your Job Hunt during the Holiday Season

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the time to ramp up your job-search — not shut it down.

While the holidays do cause business to slow, the truth is, employers are still interviewing and still hiring — and deep into planning for next year. In other words, now is not the time to take your foot off the pedal. Between now and the New Year try implementing the following steps to help insure that you’re 2011 will be the best it can be career wise.

The first key step involves a change to your mindset — both about job-hunting and about the holidays. You’ll need to believe that you can have job-search success during the holidays, even fighting off the holiday blues when you have to. Make an action plan for the twenty or so business days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s — with a goal of accomplishing at least one job-search activity each day.

The second step is about reviewing your job-search materials and strategies. If you have not been successful obtaining interviews or attaining job offers, before ramping up your holiday job-hunting, consider getting an expert to review your methods. Often there are simple fixes to resumes and interviewing techniques that can quickly lead to success.

The third step focuses on taking advantage of the holidays for pushing your networking activities into a higher gear. With work slowing and people in a more festive mood, now is the time for job-seekers to request meetings, reconnect with people, attend holiday gatherings, and request informational interviews. Networking is always the best tool for uncovering job leads, and the holidays are the perfect opportunity to schedule meetings and make phone calls to those in your network.

The fourth step involves monitoring key employer career centers and niche and professional job boards. Even in December, new job opportunities will be posted by employers, so spend some of your time monitoring and applying for these positions.

An optional step, if you have the time and energy, is to volunteer. Charities and other organizations are often stressed to the limits trying to help people cope with the holidays. Besides the emotional and spiritual lift you’ll receive from giving back, volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people to add to your network.

Seize the moment and have a happy holiday season.
David Lammert

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