4 Reasons You Are Not Finding The Right Candidates For Your Organization

Finding the right employees for your company is one of the most challenging aspects of management. In the modern economy, businesses often receive hundreds of applications for every job they offer. This doesn’t mean that all the candidates are right for the job. Often times it is the exact opposite. If you are having trouble with hiring someone new, explore these  and see if there is anything you can improve on.


Issue: Lack of Clarity in Job Description

One of the most common issues that organizations have when they don’t get the candidates they want is because of their job description or advertisement. When you are unclear about the background and experience you are seeking, you get a lot of people who assume they meet your standards. Make certain you are clear about what you seek but, don’t be to narrow that you drive off qualified candidates.


Issue: You are Seeking a Purple Unicorn

If you set your requirements too high, it will be difficult to find someone who can take the job. Examine your standards closely and see if you find someone who comes close to meeting them. What tradeoffs would you be willing to make in order to fill the role


Issue: Not Enough Pay

Professionals and those with experience often require a higher pay grade than those seeking an entry-level position. If you aren’t getting a lot of highly qualified candidates, you may want to examine the salary you are offering and compare it to competitors.


Issue: You Aren’t Actively Recruiting

Some hiring managers misjudge the ease at which they will be able to identify and attract the caliber of candidates they seek. In addition, they believe that if they post the job online the most qualified candidates will apply. This strategy will only attract a narrow slice of the potential candidate pool. Use a broader strategy and consider an executive recruiting firm that can target a more specific background if needed. If you use a contingency recruiting firm, you won’t encounter a recruiting fee unless, the search firm can identify better candidates then you can find on your own.


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