4 Advantages Security Certification Offers The Entire Organization

Professional Security Certification Advantages

There are many reasons your employees pursue professional certifications. Earning a certificate or professional designation validates the individual’s high-level of security expertise and often leads to added prestige…in addition, a professional security certification may also yield a pay increase and often positions holders toward the head of the pack of candidates without certifications.


But did you know there are also benefits for your organization? Here are four advantages to supporting your security team’s effort to earn a professional security certification that will benefit your organization:

  1. Increases your clients, customers, and vendors confidence in your organization

Encouraging your security team leaders and members to earn a professional security related certification will tell your clients that your company holds its security function and team to the highest professional industry standards. It will signal your vendors that they will also be held to those high-level standards and expectations in dealing with your organization. Certified professionals create a more trustworthy face of the company to all they interact with. In turn, your customers will feel safer and more secure knowing they are in the hands of certified security professionals.


  1. Certification is a universally recognized commitment to excellence

A security professionals certification demonstrates independent confirmation of that individual’s knowledge, ability and skills. Certified security professionals take from their training programs the importance of adhering to professional standards. You can more comfortably and confidently rely on your team’s ability to meet security related benchmarks and count on work of a higher and consistent quality on a routine basis. That peace of mind and return on your investment is well worth it.


  1. Boosts productivity

Studies by a variety of organizations — including Microsoft and IBM — have shown that employees with at least one professional certification are more productive. A recent survey by IDC explored the value of IT certification found that those with a certification were 90% more productive and 60% more efficient compared to those without. That is because certifications better prepare workers to deal with daily challenges and provides a framework and resources on how to address them. Certified employees often work more efficiently than uncertified colleagues, and their presence can help improve the productivity and problem-solving ability of team members.


  1. Higher morale – lower turnover

Assisting your security management leaders and team members to obtain security industry designations shows them you share in their desire for professional development and growth. People are happier working for organizations that are invested in their professional development and committed to helping them take the next steps in their career development. Most career focused employees prefer working in a performance-based culture.

These employees also will feel recognized for their contribution, and valued by the overall organization, and by you, as their leader. This sense of value often goes a long way in increasing loyalty, which reduces one of your biggest headaches and expenses — business disruption and employee turnover.


If you believe having a professionally certified security staff can be a strategic asset to your organization reach out to Pinnacle Placements to discuss how we can help you identify those top-tier candidates.



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