2014 Will See More Hiring of Gen Y in Information Security

Within the next few years a large percentage of the workforce will consist of employees from Gen Y and 2014 will hasten the pace.  This is a generation of workers who came into the world during the 1980s and 1990s.  Many of them had baby boomer parents who they taught about modern technology.

When it comes to properly developing these workers employers are learning the best ways to handle their Gen Y employees.  These individuals have unique qualities that enable them to be successful in the career of their choosing. Human Resources in many companies are learning how to put the behavior of this generation to good use.

Always in Motion

During their working career many members of Gen Y change jobs more often than those of other generations.  They may try a variety of careers before finally focusing on one.  Once a career is chosen, they impress those around them with their level of dedication.  They tend to seek stimulating work and avoid traditional career paths that seem to move too slowly.  A recent Next Gen study showed that members of the Gen Y don’t mind hard work.  They are just always looking for new and better ways to do the work.

Young man holding earth with social media symbols isolated on white

Use Social Media with Face-to-Face Interactions

Those who are part of Gen Y have impressed all other generations with their dominance of social media.  Members of this generation on average send and receive over 80 texts a day.  According to a Pew study over 65 percent check their phones at least once an hour.  Many people believe those of Gen Y are content to have most of their social interactions through electronic devices.  According to PwC research, when it comes to face-to-face interaction for work or career, Gen Y members are as effective as anyone.  The study showed that members of this generation have learned how to effectively use electronic media as a way to enhance their face-to-face interactions.

Regular Feedback

One thing that members of Gen Y want for their career development is regular feedback on their performance.  They have a desire for continual learning.  They do have a desire for regular promotions.  Effective Gen Y career development requires them to know their ideas are heard and career goals understood.

Pinnacle Placements knows how to find the right people from Gen Y to fill positions in information technology, cyber security and traditional security roles.  Contact us today and learn more.

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